Develop Teaching Materials for Serious Gaming and Gamification

Work Package Number: WP.5

Work Package Type: Development

Start (month number): 7

End (month number): 20

Duration (in months): 14

The developments in this work package depend on the infrastructure requirements formulated in WP.2. It will also benefit from the review of current practices in teaching computer science delivered by WP.1 and take into account the standards for the pathway as formulated in WP.1.
The work package will develop materials for teaching principles, methods, and applications in the serious gaming field. Learning Design, Storytelling and Gamification will represent the key areas there. Learning Design represents the pedagogical dimension, especially modeling of learning methods and processes. In Serious Games the meaning of Storytelling is twofold, connecting the creation (collaborative knowledge acquisition) and consumption (non-linear narratives) processes. It enables adding emotional aspects and stimulation of empathy, which are important factors for effective learning. A challenging issue is to map game mechanics features to various aspects of serious games, like learning objective, target group, current context, or learning approach. Relevant storytelling tools will be introduced and best practice examples will be provided. Gamification means using game mechanics and elements of game design in non-game contexts in order to motivate a desired behavior. It is not limited to a specific thematic field. Gamification promotes engagement by combining intrinsic and extrinsic motivation. Understanding in which direction the following developments are heading is considered to be crucial for estimating the potential of gamified learning to influence education.

List Of Deliverables - Outcomes

Deliverable No. Title Type or nature of deliverable Languages Dissemination level
D.5.1 Methodology for Teaching on Serious Gaming Methodology English National level
D.5.2 Report on Courses and Required Materials Report English National level
D.5.3 Serious Gaming Course Content Teaching material English National level
D.5.4 Collection of Serious Gaming Best Practices Teaching material English National level
D.5.5 Collection of Game Programming Exercises Teaching material English National level
D.5.6 Transformation to e-learning format Learning resources English National level