Development of Infrastructure and Capacity Building

Work Package Number: WP.2

Work Package Type: Development

Start (month number): 2

End (month number): 21

Duration (in months): 20

Assumptions: Commitment of all participants and partners. It also assumes good equipment maintenance scheduling and equipment relevance for teaching methodology and material.
Risks: Inherent risks could be due to students or other faculty members reticence of the new equipment. This risk could be minimized by the training visit to the faculty members and good dissemination.
The WP.2 deals with the development of human and material capacity. Its principal aims is to specify technical characteristics for relevant labs (hardware and software) and Learning Management System and to train faculty members from beneficial universities to serious games material delivery.

List Of Deliverables - Outcomes

Deliverable No. Title Type or nature of deliverable Languages Dissemination level
D.2.1 Training for faculty members from PS and TN at EU Training English Institution level
D.2.2 Analysis of the teaching infrastructure Report English National level
D.2.3 Set up state of the art teaching infrastructure Other products English Institution level
D.2.4 eLearning Platform implementation & customization Other products English National level
D.2.5 Books and resources for teaching and learning Other products English Institution level