Course Curriculum Design

Work Package Number: WP.1

Work Package Type: Development

Start (month number): 1

End (month number): 9

Duration (in months): 9

Political instability and conflicts may create operational risks for the project. Some of these risks can be lessened by the team meeting virtually and working on-line without face-to-face meetings. As an internal risk there might be difference in the understandings and expectations of the different partners. This risk can be minimized by regular meetings and by a sensitive monitoring process.
1.1 Review of current practices and principles of IT Curricula and gaming track/course specifics incl. analysis of possible educational methods
1.2 Selection of courses and Decision on  Courses
1.3 Specification of  the aims and educational content in courses
1.4 Accredit the Serious Game pathway within undergraduate programs
1.5 To improve understanding of the Bologna process by presenting to the process implementation at the EU partners and the experience of the universities in term of student experience.

Work to be done
1.1 Review of current undergraduate curricula in related BSc in Information Technology Degrees, practices, and principles in consortium members and international standards, in order to define the required knowledge and principles of a Serious Game pathway, including its extent. This includes analysis of gaming tracks/program examples from the EU partner universities.  Conducting Market Needs Analysis and integrate the market needs into the pathway objectives.
1.2 The curriculum design includes the design of the structure of the pathway and the selection of the courses to be offered. Define course objectives, and learning outcomes based on the output from 1.1.
This is to make sure that students will receive a sound basis of theoretical, technical and social knowledge about computer gaming. The curriculum will cover game technology, design and analysis as well as serious game aspects. A special attention will be given to serious games. The final year project will give students the possibility of creating a computer game for learning, training and/or assessment according to their interests and aspirations.
1.3 The aims and educational content each course will be specified and designed
1.4 The track/pathway to be approved by the local University and the appropriate authority depending on the partner requirement.
1.5 Bologna process presentations and discussion on how the Bologna model can be adapted by the partner country universities.

List Of Deliverables - Outcomes

Deliverable No. Title Type or nature of deliverable Languages Dissemination level
D.1.1 Report on various models and curricula examples Report English National level
D.1.2 Curriculum structure, Course description, Projects Report English National level
D.1.3 Pathway structure and Courses specification Report English International level
D.1.4 Accreditation file Report Arabic, English National level
D.1.5 The Pathway Content and Curriculum Workshop Events: Conferences and Seminars English International level