Management of the project

Work Package Number: WP.11

Work Package Type: Management

Start (month number): 1

End (month number): 36

Duration (in months): 36

The main assumption is that there will be a speedy appointment of Local Coordinators, Local Administrators and clear arrangements  in partner countries.  It is assumed the kick-off meeting is attended by the relevant representative staff and the project management committee is able to meet at the agreed dates, so the Project management can gather all the requisite information to write the reports.
The management of the SEGA Project will be the basis of the overall success of all activities and will receive appropriate weight in terms of staff time.  A project management committee will be formed at the start of the Project, which will consist of the Grant-holder, the Project Manager and Project Coordinators and will deal with the day to day affairs of the Project.

The Kick-off Meeting will be used to generate a collective spirit about the SEGA Project and its key objectives and time-scales.  The Contact Persons will be responsible for the activities of the Project. 

The most important element of the Management Work-package is the financial administration of the Project. This is largely the duty of the Project Manager at BZU Institution. He would have to ensure the implementation of Tempus rules as well as the financial procedures of the University. At the Kick-off Meeting, the Project Manager and Grant-holder will arrange a training day for all the local administrators and contact persons establishing administrative and financial procedures to be followed in this Project. Bank accounts will be opened in each partner country to facilitate the transactions of the Project.

The Management WP will also involve the participation of Project representatives at the annual TEMPUS Project Representative meeting in Brussels  and the preparation of Intermediate and Final Report of the Project.

List Of Deliverables - Outcomes

Deliverable No. Title Type or nature of deliverable Languages Dissemination level
D.11.1 Organisation of Kick-off Meeting Events: Conferences and Seminars Arabic, English National level
D.11.2 Formation of the project management committee Other products English International level
D.11.3 Attending “Tempus Project Representatives Meeting” Events: Conferences and Seminars English International level
D.11.4 Financial and administrative management Other products English International level
D.11.5 Production of Intermediate and Final Reports Report English International level