Quality control and monitoring

Work Package Number: WP.10

Work Package Type: Quality plan

Start (month number): 1

End (month number): 36

Duration (in months): 36

The main assumption is that the management of universities and faculties will support the Project implementation. The Quality Plan document will be developed on time, the evaluation reports are complete and accurate.
This WP will be the responsible for the organization (and enforcement) of all the quality assurance mechanisms that will concern all the aspects of the project.
A Quality Plan document will be produced at an early phase of the project, that will set out the quality assurance procedures for the project. The plan will be the basis of the Consortium quality policy that will govern all partners' and consortium's activities. The policy will ensure that all the deliverables comply with the Contract. The Plan will specify in detail the requirements, protocol and/or advices/best practices for the following major processes: performance of WPs and tasks; preparation and review of deliverables, organization of meetings; workshops; dissemination (considering all the means:
face-to-face relationships, website, virtual communities, brochures, posters, presentations); The plan will also provide the formats, templates and usage guidelines for all the relevant documents (e.g., deliverables,internal reports, etc.).

The WP leader is the responsible for administration of the Quality Plan the quality control of the deliverables to be submitted to the EC; assure the quality WPs’ deliverables, by selected reviewers from the consortium partners that have been involved in WP10.
The Quality Plan will be issued by month 3.

List Of Deliverables - Outcomes

Deliverable No. Title Type or nature of deliverable Languages Dissemination level
D.10.1 Definition of project quality framework Methodology English International level
D.10.2 Quality and Project Control Other products English International level
D.10.3 Quality Reports Report Arabic, English International level