Implement Serious Game Pathway within undergraduates programs at partner countries institutions

Work Package Number: WP.8

Work Package Type: Exploitation

Start (month number): 14

End (month number): 32

Duration (in months): 19

The main assumption is that all partners are committed and support the project implementation and development of curriculum in their institute and run one cycle during the project lifetime.
The developed courses might be a bit difficult for students since its new area to be taught and delivered under the existing curricula
Difficulties in implementing  joint supervision students projects
The main purpose of this WP is to exploit the outcomes of all the previous work packages by implementing Serious Game Pathway within undergraduates programs in partner country universities. This involves obtaining the approval of academic councils at each university and then running it locally.
The Pathway will be integrated to undergraduate IT program mainly Computer Science and Computer Systems Engineering. The pathway will consist of 8 courses, following the EU standard each course is 10 ECTS; each partner country university will develop 2 courses. To monitor the quality of the courses, program internal quality team will be assessing and reviewing status of the project activities, the achievement of tasks, and their completion on the due date.  All the partners will be involved. Interviews will be performed through personal contacts of the WP leader and/or through periodical workshops (virtual or physical). The EU expert will visit the partner countries to help in implementing the program, also to deliver seminars about their research and work, and discuss possible collaboration on between final year projects. The quality control and advisory committee (external and experts from gaming industry) will visits once each partner university to ensure the smooth implementation of the program and provide feedback and recommendation on what topic to focus on, so the committee can adapt in teaching.  Faculty members from beneficiary countries visit EU partner to participate in final year project evaluation and discussion to transfer experience. Students also will Visit EU partner to expose the final year project.
The top students in each partner country universities will be selected for two-week visit to EU partners, the visit aims to expose the students to final year projects themes. Also it will be promotion for long lasting research cooperation between the partner countries and EU partners faculty members, via joint supervision on the final year project.

List Of Deliverables - Outcomes

Deliverable No. Title Type or nature of deliverable Languages Dissemination level
D.8.1 Delivery of a pilot course Teaching material English National level
D.8.2 Course Evaluation Workshop Events: Conferences and Seminars English National level
D.8.3 Course Adaptation Report English National level
D.8.4 Faculty from beneficiary countries visit EU Other products English Institution level
D.8.5 Delivery of the Courses Training English Institution level
D.8.6 Students visit to EU partners Training English Institution level