Tutors Training

Work Package Number: WP.7

Work Package Type: Dissemination

Start (month number): 28

End (month number): 35

Duration (in months): 8

The main assumption is that Tutors should have the  necessary skills and knowledge to carry out this role. experience is essential for the success of curriculum and training. The start of this WP depends other  precedent WP progress and the deliverable that result.  So, cooperation and commitments from all Project partners are an  important aspects.
Based on the program objectives and curriculum development, partner country universities and EU universities will collaborate to develop training materials, workshop, tutorials and case studies that use the latest technologies and tools to help faculty member develop the proposed courses. This will include:
Organization of the training faculty members from beneficiary countries at EU partner country on the delivery of the courses prepared. The aim of the visit is to train 8 faculty members from partner country universities on how to capitalize the use of the game development environment established in WP2 and WP6 on course delivery.
 Train faculty members within the partner country universities and other universities to apply serious games concepts on teaching the programming language, which is developed in WP 6 activity D6.1.
Development of material (instructors’ manuals) for tutors training in the educational methodology: the training module will have the same structure as the educational material designed for students and will be designed to introduce the tutors to the new teaching materials.

List Of Deliverables - Outcomes

Deliverable No. Title Type or nature of deliverable Languages Dissemination level
D.7.1 Utilizing technology in education training Events: Conferences and Seminars English Institution level
D.7.2 Dissemination of Using Serious game in teaching Events: Conferences and Seminars Arabic, English National level
D.7.3 Development of material for tutors training Teaching material English Institution level