Development of Case Studies

Work Package Number: WP.6

Work Package Type: Development

Start (month number): 9

End (month number): 33

Duration (in months): 25

Commitment of all participants and partners. It also assumes good equipment maintenance scheduling and equipment relevance for teaching methodology and material.
Good dissemination plan to motivate other stockholders to participate in workshop mainly faculty members from universities which are not part of the consortium and  from  elementary school teaches. 
This aim of this work package is to train students on the practical skills required for developing serious games, although WP3-WP5 aimed to develop the theories and the concepts of Serious Games.
A pilot case study of serious games will be developed, and then integrated to the courses' materials produced in WP3-WP5. The component of the case study will be used as illustrative examples within a course and intercourses, and it will be used as reference model for students’ projects. In order to ensure sustainability, the case study will be developed compatible with the best practice guides of the computer gaming industry. Therefore various stakeholders will participate in this work package. Software industry companies will be involved in developing a testbed gaming platform, on which the case study and students’ project will be deployed, also it will be integrated with the LMS developed in WP2.
The case study will be Educational Game, its themes and objectives will be determined during the WP activities with involvement of members of staff from the faculties of education, and experts from the Ministries of Education. The case study must be able to evolve by integrating the students’ projects. Also the gaming platform should be extensible by plug-in the students’ projects. Then the game pool is expanded by students’ projects, and school teachers can use them in teaching.
Also the centers of excellence that exists at BZU and AQU can contribute by prompting students’ entrepreneurship by incubating their projects (games).
The approach that will be followed to develop the case study: analyses of a serious problem and determine the subject of the game. Second, scenario scripts of the game will be produced. Third the storyboard of the game is designed. Fourth the game is implemented and deployed on the gaming platform. Finally the game will be evaluated to collect stockholders’ feedback on the effect of the case study on students’ performance, and what could be improved.

List Of Deliverables - Outcomes

Deliverable No. Title Type or nature of deliverable Languages Dissemination level
D.6.1 Integrate concepts of serious games in education Teaching material English National level
D.6.2 Analysis and selection of case study themes Report English National level
D.6.3 Scenario Scripts and Storyboards of Games Report English National level
D.6.4 Implement and evaluate games Other products English National level
D.6.5 Development of a testbed gaming platform Other products Arabic, English National level
D.6.6 Training Elementary School Teachers Training Arabic, English National level