Seminar about Serious Games at Birzeit University

Event Date:

Monday 28th April 2014 - 01:00 to Monday 28th April 2014 -

Event Place:

Birzeit University

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Executive Summary

A dissemination workshop was held at Birzeit University in the period of 28-29 April 2014. This workshop was in conjunction with the 7th IT EXPO organized by the faculty of Information Technology at Birzeit University. The main aim of the IT EXPO is to gather the top IT companies in Palestine and the Palestinian academic sector in order to bridge the gap between industry and academia. The IT EXPO opening session was with the presence of many Political and businessmen figures including the Palestinian prime minister.

Thus, the SAGE team at Birzeit decided to join this national event to give all attendees of the IT EXPO and overview about the project, and to take suggestions and comments from the local market and the professors from all Palestinian universities about this program.

Main Activities during this workshop

There are many activities are organized during the IT EXPO for dissemination purposes. The main activities are:

Participating in the IT EXPO through a booth

A booth was occupied by the SAGE team for 2 days. In addition to the working team, there are 4 volunteer students stayed all the time in the booth to help in the dissemination of the SAGE projects. The booth walls were covered with posters about the SAGE project which include information about the project, the project sponsor, the project partners, and the main objectives of the project. The SAGE team who were available in the booth did the following activities

* Giving an overview about the project to all visitors. Listen to their suggestions and discuss them about it.

* Distribute leaflets that contain information about the project aims, sponsor, partners, and other information related to the project.

* Distribute pens that contain the logo of the project and the logo of the TEMPUS sponsor.

* Ask the industrial stakeholders and university lecturers to fill a survey about the Serious Game program. This is in order to get their opinions, suggestions, and comments about the program. (See appendix 1 for the Survey material).

Organizing a panel session to talk about the Serious Game Pathway in the IT programs

The SAGE team at Birzeit University organized a Panel session to talk about the serious game pathway in the IT programs. Also to discuss the game market and needs for graduates in this field. Also to discuss the opinion of the Ministry of Higher Education in Palestine in such a program.

In preparation for this event, more than invitation cards were sent to Industrial stakeholders, Palestinian University Lecturers and decision makers, and to key figures in the Ministry of higher education in Palestine.

The session was held on Monday 28 April 2014 from 1:00 to 2:15 pm with presence of more than 150 attendee representing the Palestinian Industry (about 35 people), Palestinian universities (about 45 people), and about 70 students.

There were 4 panelists : Dr. Yousef Hassoneh representing the IT faculty at Birzeit University, Dr Rashid Jayyoussi representing the ministry of higher education in Palestine, Mr Basel Nassr, and Mr xxx representing Palestinian companies working in the field of Games technology. The facilitator of this session was Mr Iyad Jaber (one of the SAGE project team)

The main points discussed during this session are

* Overview about the SAGE project.

* The ministry of higher education opinion about such a program.

* The opinion of the market about such a program.

* Open discussion with all audience

During this session leaflets were given to all audience. Also, a notebook gift is also distributed to all audience that contains TEMPUS logo and the project logo.

During this session the same survey (see appendix 1) were distributed to all Industrial stake holders and university lecturers to be filled by them. At the end of this session the survey is collected in order to be analyzed and studied by the SAGE team.